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Training & Activities

Most scheduled ES activities will occur on the weekend of the “3rd Saturday” of the month, but check the calendar and list below for confirmation.

“3rd Saturday” Training
This is a voluntary, less formal opportunity to get training in most Emergency Services Operations Qualifications.  You must sign up in advance for training so we know to expect you.  Watch for notices sent via mass email for sign-up instructions.

Locations:  Generally at Indy-South Greenwood Airport (KHFY), but other locations are also desired throughout the Wing.  Contact Maj Buist if you are willing to host a satellite location.

Current training has temporarily suspended due to COVID-19
Note: ES personnel are still allowed, and expected, to stay current. 

Special Training Events
Formal, organized training in specific Operations Qualifications or areas

SAREXs – Watch for sign-up information close to each Operation
 ALL Custody Units are expected to participate and utilize their assigned Aircraft and/or Ground Vehicles

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