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Indiana Wing Awards Program

Civil Air Patrol Awards are our way of recognizing our hard-working volunteers for their incredible service and above and beyond approach to doing their job. In Indiana Wing, unique wing level awards are given in addition to the national of the year awards. Each award has its own criteria, guidance, and unique application requirements. The guidance found here will help ensure a package is well prepared and ready to succeed at each level of the review process.

Important Note: Do not use the eServices Awards Module to submit "of the year" awards. Submissions made in the eServices module will not be considered - the forms on this page must be used.

To assist in understanding what awards are given each year, INWG has provided a pamphlet (INWGP 30-1, Indiana Wing Awards Program) that covers wing and national awards as well as a regulatory reference. Please review this pamphlet for additional award information. Note: Indiana Wing-specific awards are detailed in this pamphlet. National awards are listed along with a submission deadline date and regulation reference but no additional information on National Awards is included.

Great Lakes Region 120EZ

Great Lakes Region has provided a form to assist in preparing awards packages. Use of this form is encouraged in preparing your submission and may be uploaded during the submission process. Please note, only submission received via the submission forms below will be considered. Due to the volume of submissions, this system ensures the Awards Board is able to accurately review each submission and comply with the deadlines of higher headquarters in the annual awards process. Download the GLR Form 120EZ.

Nominations for the 2021 Annual "of-the-year" Awards are no longer being accepted.
Contact if you have a late submission to request special consideration.

Individual Nomination

The individual nomination form should be used if the award being nominated for is intended for a single recipient. 

Organization Nomination

The organization nomination form should be used if the award is for a unit, team, or group of individuals.

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