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Advanced Training Squadron

At Indiana Wing Encampment, our mission is to develop the future leaders of the Civil Air Patrol through hands-on experiences and practical knowledge. Our Advanced Training Squadron (ATS) is a prestigious academy designed for cadet NCOs and young officers who are looking to enhance their leadership skills and knowledge of cadet life.

Through challenging academics, practical leadership exercises, teamwork simulations, and physical fitness training, ATS provides experiences that go beyond what a typical student program can offer. Cadets will be challenged to communicate effectively, think logically, and make quick decisions to solve leadership challenges in various CAP and life situations.

Our motto, "Semper Excelsius" (Always Higher), reflects our commitment to helping cadets grow toward a higher level of professionalism and education. By participating in the ATS program, cadets will develop the skills necessary to become effective leaders in future cadet-led activities and beyond.

ATS is characterized by its focus on hands-on experiences and practical knowledge. Cadets will be placed in increasingly difficult leadership situations that will challenge their abilities and prepare them for leadership roles within the organization. By the end of the week, cadets will have developed their teamwork, communication, and decision-making skills, and will be better equipped to handle the challenges of leadership in any setting.

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