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Cadet Cadre

The 2023 Indiana Wing Summer Encampment has accepted and slotted applications for leaders to serve on the cadet line and support staff. The following positions have dynamic and engaged cadet officers and non-commissioned officers that have stepped forward and taken on the challenge!

2023 Cadet Cadre

Your Cadet Leadership is listed below, and an organizational chart of the entire cadre will be posted later. Cadets interested in line and support staff positions must apply using the process linked here:

Cadet Cadre Process

C/Maj Isaac Garcia C/Capt John Zwirn C/Capt Elisa Miller C/MSgt Mikayla Colmenares
Encampment Cadet Commander Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations Cadet Deputy Commander for Support Encampment First Sargeant


Regulations/Guidance to Review

CAPP 60-70 Cadet Encampment Guide
CAPP 60-71 Cadet Encampment Handbook
CAPP 60-33 Civil Air Patrol Drill & Ceremonies
CAPR 60-2 Cadet Protection
CAPR 60-1 Cadet Program Management
CAPR 60-15 CPP Implementation Guide
CAPVA 60-111 Training Intensity Watch-Out List


Operations (Line) Cadre Support Cadre
Cadet Commander - C/CC Curriculum Delivery & Evaluation Team - C/DE
Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations - C/CDO Public Affairs - C/PA
Cadet Deputy Commander for Support - C/CDS Logistics - C/LG
Encampment First Sergeant - ENC/CCF Food Services - C/LGF
Squadron Commander - Sq/CC Administration - C/DA
Squadron Deputy Commander - Cq/CD Health Services - C/HS
Squadron First Sergeant - Sq/CCF  
Flight Commander - Flt/CC  
Flight Sergeant - Flt/CF  
Advanced Training School Commandant - ATS/CC  
Advanced Training School Deputy Commandant - ATS/CD  
Advanced Training School Flight Commander - ATS/Flt/CC  
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