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Friday 30 Sep

1830-2215 Great Times Family Fun Park (Cadets)

Uniform of the day: Civilian clothing.

Saturday 1 Oct

Wing Conference:

Uniform of the day: USAF Style uniform-Class A or B, Corporate dress uniform, white aviator shirt, or appropriate civilian attire. No polo shirts, flight suits or utility uniforms please.  

2022 Indiana Wing Conference Schedule
Time SB Topic Presenter Audience Location
0800-0830   Registration N/A All Members Hall
0830-0930   General Assembly-Opening Col Freese All Members Auditorium
0930-1030 ES Ready Op and how it is Changing virtual IC 1st Lt Herbert Seniors Classroom-1
ET Helping Members Navigate the new ET system 1st Lt Parnin Seniors Classroom-2
AE Cyber Patriot and Other AE Competitions Lt Col Merrill All Members Classroom-3
CP The Roles of SQ cadet Leaders C/LtCol Carpenter Cadets Classroom-4
1030-1130 AE Engineering Tomorrow Roll Out Maj Walsh All Members Classroom-1
ES Looking ahead at Emergency Services in 2023.  TSgt Helton Seniors Classroom-2
CP Building a Cadet Competition Team Lt Col Angelini Cadets Classroom-3
PA Public Affairs Strategies for the Sq Lt Col Vendramin Seniors Classroom-4
1130-1230   Lunch and Q&A with Col Freese Col Freese All Members Auditorium
1230-1330 RR Tips and Plans on Growing Your SQ Capt Wood Seniors Classroom-1
CH Q&A With the Chaplain and NESA updates Ch Col Murdoch Seniors Classroom-2
AE STEM-The Key to Community Outreach C/Maj Schmuck All Members Classroom-3
AE Recruiting & Working with AEMs at local schools Capt Straughn Seniors Classroom-4
CP CAC Meeting Col Argenti Cadet CAC        Guests Welcome Auditorium
AE Building Stomp Rockets and the AFA Grant Maj Wright All Members Classroom-1
ES Becoming a sUAS Pilot 1st Lt Keiper All Members Classroom-2
DP Writing Awards and Decorations Lt Col Griffith Seniors Classroom-3
CP Preparing for a speech or presentation C/Capt O’Brien Cadets Classroom-4
1430-1500   General Assembly-Closing Col Freese All Members Auditorium


1800-2100 Awards Dinner at the Riviera Club

Uniform of the day: Mess Dress, Formal, Semi-Formal attire or appropriate civilian clothing.

Guest Speaker: Dennis Wimer (Bio:


Sunday 2 Oct

0900-1200 Commander's Call - Mandatory for all commanders and wing staff members. Commanders: if you cannot attend, please present a representative from your unit to attend in your place.

Uniform of the day: Any USAF style uniform, aviator shirt, polo, utility uniform.

All property assigned to unit in ORMS (Comm and Supply tabs) must be presented at commander's call for a hands on-eyes-on inspection. 


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